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At World Peace Yoga, which is part of our non-profit spiritual urban village, we are dedicated to nurturing the body, mind and soul through a variety of spiritual practices. We offer classes for all ages and abilities from prenatal to children, teens, adults and beyond. We believe that our classes create a meditative sanctuary like environment, first embracing our stress and anxiety, then melding into a more peaceful and joyful experience that allows us to connect more deeply with our intuition and ability to empathize with all beings, creating a path to inner peace and world peace. Our teachers are highly trained in specific areas of expertise and are enthusiastic to share their knowledge with you. Classes, workshops and other special events are available for you to enjoy. Please come to our non-profit studio to be inspired not only by our teachers, but by the eco-designed studio space with cork flooring, clay walls, sustainable woods, natural light and clean air. Experience how fun and inspiring a movement practice can be in a beautiful natural indoor setting.

Our Mission:  To connect more deeply with our intuition, with our unlimited capacities to love and to empathize with all beings through intentional movement (asana), conscious breathing (pranayama), meditation, satsang (community), being of service to others, and practicing an ahimsic (non-harming or all-loving) lifestyle, creating a path to inner peace and world peace. We are dedicated to educating, encouraging, researching, and promoting a holistic lifestyle that creates a virtuous, kind, gentle, respectful, and spiritual relationship between all beings and the earth.

From Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus to Northern Kentucky and Indiana we are serving up classes, workshops & teacher trainings for world peace!